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jordan pierce i guess you are some kind of goddess?
every song is perfect Favorite track: hppd.
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"Breakfast" is the most important meal of the day.

Thank you for choosing my brand of sad boy psychedelics. You can find this album to be anything you'd like, I listen to it sometimes. It's pretty good to just stick on in the car or w/e and drive around it's like who even cares :-)

I played guitar and synths and wrote it in like 2 weeks

Naaaww but really just fucking knock out to this shit who even cares anymore.

There's a feeling like something really good or bad could happen any minute but I'm not sure if it's me or the fucking medicine.

Plenty of time to hang out

This is really cool. I think it's really cool. I sleep and nap and when I do and I'm also feeling high I just need to take a second and sit down.

Thank you Jakeybaby for your hours of council and equipment loans.

Andrew + Julie + Nicole + Mark + Hunter: thank you for your ears and patience, I spend way too much time listening to my own music.

Vanessa Marin, thank you for being #1 street team extraordinaire you do so many good things

MOM+POPS: Good job, 20 years strong.


released April 10, 2015

All Sounds by Barometric

Album Cover by Andy Yeamans



all rights reserved


Barometric Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: I care too much
What's it take to be the one?
What's it take to have some fun?
Why does it always hurt this much?
Try to think to switch things off.

I care too much sometimes.

Go ahead and have a relaxing day you have nothing to worry about it there are no worrys just chill it's a chill zone. We set up "Rad Gnar Cool Kid Kickflipper the Fourth" twenty in a row, it's all day baby
just sit back,
grab a snack
and unpack

Time, as it seems it's here to stay
Why can't I find the words to say?
'Cause all this time I've wasted makes me a little scared
And all the words I've kept from you are the dreams I should've shared.

I care too much sometimes.
Track Name: feeling gone
Every single thing
around me seems
every bit as real
as in my dreams
when you're standing close
but I feel no heat.

Let me pause the tape
Let's get comfortable
If I have to wait
When will you return?

I don't know if you're feeling off
I don't know if you hear at all
I don't know how to respond
When you're here with me but I know you're gone.
Track Name: stop the boat
Who are you?
Who are me?
Who are the one we gonna be?
Give it to me.
Me me me
Spaghett so sweet.
Track Name: passed
Follow me and you will see
A life beyond the lie you lead
When all is said and done
you'll have no where left to run

so I'm sayin'
So long to Mom
Goodbye to Dad
Too long for life
To long for death
I need to make a quick escape

and when the night
has come at last
we know that our souls
have passed by
so I
will pray from the next side
for you.

If I stay silent, I'm just thinking
Don't mind me when I'm feeling down
If I look happy, you should be too
I shouldn't share these thoughts with you.
Track Name: finite
How long does it take a person to pass on, to be gone?
Track Name: hppd
A man with a fat lip and a chattering skull
eating overdone meat from some well to do stall
in a mall
Poking holes in science fiction diaries
wearing our hourglasses sideways
to delay release
Tick and tock as I rock side to side a mile wide
stretching skin to fit the sins
I admittedly hide.

I guess you are some kind of Goddess?
(Standing on the Summer Sand with your Rifle in Hand)
A statuette, your format is lossless
(Mixed between a Mess of Sex and Regrets)
Track Name: death or w/e
Open the door to your mind
in time
you'll find that all things
must die
to survive

Often you're scared of your eyes
I don't mind
It's fine
Just know the line between alive and dead.
Track Name: chillin' me softly
I know I don't belong
I hope I'll get along
I wish there was a way
to make you want to stay

Your mind's made up,
I'm out of luck
no matter how hard I try
no one gives a fuck

I don't have the time
you don't have the time
what are we waiting for
if we don't wait anymore?

I know I don't belong
I hope I'll get along
I wish there was a way
to make you want to stay.
Track Name: breakfast
We're getting older
time don't feel slower
and when it's over
what can I show for it?
Yeah, here's my ticket
"proof of admission"
a little boring.. but
I know I'll miss it
So if we're Wishing
"What's Good Remission?"
only to find out
you've missed the point

I hope I don't have to run.
Track Name: sh*tstrmr
Oh won't you come visit us?
I got plenty o' time and it's really no fuss.
When I say what's up just because
'cause I'm not tryin' to wait

don't think I'm going away.
Track Name: lazy
guess I am